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    Traffic Analysis

  • Access Statistics, through the graphs it's avaliable to see the visits in PC and Mobile ends within 6 months.
  • Access Analysis, analyses are culculated from four different dimensions: site daily views, average site duration time, average visit page numbers and bounce rate.
  • Rank of visit countries, site visits from all countries are culculated and ranked.
  • Traffic comparison, compare the proportions of PC traffics and Mobile traffics.
  • Traffic sources, culculate the traffic proportions from the perspectives of direct traffic, organic traffic and paid traffic.

    Free strategy

  • External links and bouncing sites are essential to check where the traffics come from and where are they going.
  • SEO keywords make it possible to see how many times an organic keyword is being searched, the numbers of keywords and the keywords ranking in different countries.

    Paid strategy

  • Search ads, paid keyword ads, can see keywords, the volum of keywords, CPC bids for keywords, and the content of search ads.
  • Social Ads:listing the percentage of traffic to all social networks and the content of related social ads.
  • Display ads can show creative content.
  • Video ad can show video creative content.
  • Native ads can show native creative content.